Pinnacle Referral Program

Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!


In appreciation for your referral and good word, we feel you should get something fun. So we built this program to reward those the more they refer us. More referrals are more rewards! All that you need to do is after you refer us to someone come here and fill out the form (at the bottom of the page). After that, we will reach out to them to schedule a home assessment. If they are already a customer no worries we will just confirm that they were referred by you. If whoever you referred becomes a customer then you have one Qualified Referral*!

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Program Rewards

Regardless of where you are at in our tier system, if you refer someone to us and they become a Qualified Referral* then they will get a $250 Amazon Gift Card. This happens with everyone you refer!

Tier 1: Homies (1 Referral)
With one job referred to us, you have your pick with one of the options below. 
• $250 Visa Gift Card
• $250 Target Gift Card
• $250 Best Buy Gift Card
• $250 Bass Pro Shop Gift (Cabella’s) Card
• $250 Amazon Gift Card

Tier 2: Besties (3 Referrals)
If you save up three referrals with us you have your pick with one of the options below.
• $500 Amazon Gift Card
• 40″ HD TV
• $500 Donation to a non-profit of your choice (in your name)
• $500 Allegiant Airlines Gift Card
• $500 Bass Pro Shop Gift (Cabella’s) Card

Tier 3: Our Fam (5 Referrals)
If you save up five referrals with us you have your pick with one of the options below. 
• 2 Nights at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri
• $1000 Nordstrom Gift Card
• 60″ HD TV
• $1000 Amazon Gift Card

More Details

Qualified Referral: A current or past customer recommended our services to another homeowner. That homeowner then in turn uses our services and meets the specifications below to become a Qualified Referral*. 

  • To qualify as a referral, a customer must have Pinnacle Roofing replace at least 20 squares of their old or damaged roof.
  • You cannot refer to your own physical address. You can, however, refer to additional properties that you own.
  • You will only receive a one-time referral reward for each property you refer. For example, if you refer someone with 10 rental properties, and we replace 10 roofs, you will get that referral reward for all 10 addresses one time only. 
  • You must submit the referral through the online submission form to be qualified for the reward prior to us invoicing for the project you referred.
  • A referral is qualified once we complete all work, and have received full payment.

I Referred Someone!

Please fill out the form below with your information and the information of who you referred to us. 

How It Works