Referral Program

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Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!

In appreciation for your referral and good word, we feel you should get something fun…and cash is fun!
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How It Works

  1. Submit Your Referral Online – Fill out the form to the right to submit your referral into our office. You must submit prior to your referral contacting us.
  2. Referral Uses Pinnacle Roofing Services – Our team will then contact the property owner you referred to us to arrange a meeting to discuss their roofing needs. Your referral will be under no obligation to purchase from Pinnacle Roofing during the initial meeting. We will simply be offering a free inspection.
  3. Receive Your Referral Reward – After your referral’s roof is completed and they have signed off on our Quality Assurance checklist, we will send you a $250 Visa Gift Card!

Program Details

  • To qualify as referral, a customer must have Pinnacle Roofing replace at least 13 squares of his old or damaged roof.
  • You cannot refer your own physical address. You can, however, refer additional properties that you own.
  • You will only receive a one time referral reward for each property you refer. For example, if you refer someone with 10 rental properties, and we replace 10 roofs, you will get that referral reward for all 10 addresses one time only. 
  • You must submit the referral through the online submission form to be qualified for the reward.
  • Pinnacle Roofing must facilitate the initial contact with the referral for you to be qualified for the reward. 
  • A referral is qualified once we complete all work, have received full payment, and the referral signs the Quality Assurance checklist.

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Referral Program