Pinnacle Loyalty Program

Our Point-based Reward Program


In an effort to reward our loyal customers, we created this point-based loyalty program that allows customers to earn and redeem points. If you are a customer that has earned points, please follow the instructions below to redeem those points. If you are a customer and you would like to earn points, ask your sales rep about ways to do so.

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Earn Points

Referral Program
One way to earn points is by referring customers to us. More referrals mean more rewards! All that you need to do is after you refer us to someone come here and fill out the form. After that, we will reach out to them to schedule a home assessment, or If they are already a customer we will just confirm that they were referred by you. If whoever you referred becomes a customer and meets the criteria then you have one Qualified Referral!

Qualified Redemption: A current or past customer recommended our services to another homeowner. That homeowner then in turn uses our services for the first time and meets the specifications below to become a Qualified Redemption*. 

  • To qualify as a referral, a customer must have Pinnacle Roofing replace at least 20 squares of their old or damaged roof.
  • You cannot refer to your own physical address. You can, however, refer to additional properties that you own.
  • You will only receive a one-time referral reward for each property you refer. For example, if you refer someone with 10 rental properties, and we replace 10 roofs, you will get that referral reward for all 10 addresses one time only. 
  • You must submit the referral through the online submission form to be qualified for the reward prior to us invoicing for the project you referred.
  • A redemption is qualified once we complete all work, and have received full payment.

How It Works

Prizes To Earn

Below are the prizes you can redeem with the associated point value. If you have any questions about the prizes let us know. What is listed below are considered the only prizes available.

50 Points | $10 Amazon Giftcard
1250 Points | $250 Amazon Giftcard
2500 Points | $500 Amazon Giftcard
5000 Points | $1000 Amazon Giftcard

Redeem Points Here

First, find where you received the points from us and there will be a single-use code there. Get that code and put it in the form below, along with the prize(s) you wish to redeem. If you have questions please call our office and we can help.